How does the custom invitation design process work? 
If you have ideas about what you'd like, start with the invitation quote form. If you're not sure where to start, contact us to set up a time to chat over over the phone, over coffee, or even FaceTime. 

With the information from step one, we'll send you an estimate to review any questions and finalize the details. We require a 50% non-refundable deposit to reserve your spot on our schedule. Once on the schedule, we'll gather your invitation details and start the fun! 

STEP THREE - design: 
Designing begins! Generally, your first design is completed in 1-2 weeks. We'll email you design options and chat about changes via email, phone, FaceTime, or over coffee! From there, we'll revise your invitation to perfection. 

After we've finalized your design and you've approved your invitations, we’ll start creating! Timelines vary depending on your specific order and our current schedule, but invitations are usually completed in 2-6 weeks after proof approval. We encourage invitations to be approved 4 weeks prior to your mail date.
when should i order AND MAIL Things?
11-12+ Months Prior: Contact us to order save the dates! Designing and printing save the dates tends to take 2-5 weeks. 

6-12* Months Prior: Mail your save the dates! Most save the dates are sent 6-8 months prior to the wedding. *For destination weddings, we recommend mailing save the dates 12 or more months before the wedding depending on how far most guests will be traveling, etc. 

2-6 Months Prior: Contact us to begin your invitations. We can work in as little as 3 weeks for some invitations, but recommend a minimum of 6-8 weeks prior to the wedding for a smooth process. 

6-12* weeks Prior: Mail your invitations!  *For destination weddings, mailing 12 weeks prior to the wedding is recommended. Set your RSVP date to 3-4 weeks before the wedding. Yet, always check with your venue and other vendors for any RSVP deadlines such as menus, meal selections, place cards, etc.

3-8 weeks Prior: Contact us to start your day of stationery and signage such as menus, place cards, welcome signs, seating charts, and more.

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Do you do place cards, other invitations, etc.?
We do it all! From birthday or holiday party invitations to personalized thank you cards to business cards to day of items such as place cards and menus– our services are not just for wedding invitations. See a full list of our services here.
Yes! We also offer day of stationery and signage. A few examples include welcome signs, bar signs, menus, programs, personalized napkins and cups, favors, and table numbers. See a full list of the items we offer on the services page, or contact us here. 

What in the world is letterpress? foil? laser cutting?
We're glad you asked! It can be a lot to digest. First, feel free to ask any question! No question is too small! Second, as for the original question, check out our common paper details and print methods in our online shop or contact us with your question. 

• You need 1 invitation per household (not per person).
• Cohabiting couples get 1 invitation. 
• For couples living apart: send an invitation to both, or to one or the other including both names on the invitation.
• Families get 1 invitation.
• If children are not living at home or over 18, they should get their own invitation.
• We recommend ordering 15 to 25 extra invitations in case of problems, lost invitations, and keepsakes.
DIY can be incredibly fun or incredibly stressful. We recommend couples consider how much free time they’ll have balancing life, work, and planning the wedding. Then, consider if you want to DIY or if the thought makes you want to cry. Printing at home can add up when you consider time troubleshooting, designing, printer jams or problems, misprints, ink, and paper.  We've had more than one couple ask for a design they can print at home, but opted to have us handle it based on our economic choices. If you're considering DIY, check out our templates or fill out the quote form and tell us your budget. We have so many choices that can meet your budget, level of preferred DIY, and more.

What information is needed on my invitation?
You can find a long guide of suggestions based on both formal traditions and what's acceptable in the 21st century on our shop website at Once you've placed your invitation, we have an easy step by step form that will guide you through the introduction wording, using "and" or "to" for the celebrant names, dates, and more. That form is found here.

Where do I start? I'm lost!
If you're not sure where to even begin, message us here. We're more than happy to help you get started and point you in the right direction!
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