i have a million questions. how do I start?
If you're not sure about details or you're feeling overwhelmed, I recommend we chat (but there are other options noted below)! Keep in mind, an estimate is not set in stone. We can start with a design deposit and add to it as needed during the design process prior to printing. If the idea of chatting is another annoying task (wedding planning should be fun!!), feel free to share a moodboard or even Pinterest board. Alternatively, I have a handy form here: atwatergraphics.com/invitation-inspiration-form

how long will my invitations take?
The majority of our invitations are completed start to finish in 2-8 weeks. Your estimate or invoice will have details specific to your invitation design and/or print choices. For example, letterpress printing usually takes 3 weeks while flat printing on our classic paper is 1-2 weeks.

when will i get a design?
The design process starts after a 50% deposit is placed. Deposits can be placed online with a credit card or bank draft, Venmo, PayPal, check or cash. The first design is generally completed in 3-7 business days and revisions are usually completed within 2-3 business days after feedback is received. 

i'm ready to start like yesterday! how do i do that?
Let me know that and I'll send you a payment link. You can send me your invitation details typed out or use this form to guide you: atwatergraphics.com/invitation-form
Do you do matching place cards, welcome signs, thank you cards, etc.?
Yes! See a full list of our services here
What in the world is letterpress? foil? laser cutting?
We're glad you asked! It can be a lot to digest. First, feel free to ask any question! No question is too small! Second, as for the original question, check out our common paper details and print methods in our online shop or contact us with your question. 
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