This couple shows us covid does not have to ruin your special day. While many of us dream of a big lavish wedding day packed with every friend and family member you can think of, it's really a day about uniting with your favorite human! As hard as it may be to consider, eloping doesn't have to be a sad thing. Embrace an elopement knowing you'll have a full day with your person, a day that's truly 100% your's (think about no one telling you that you just have to have a first dance), it's money saved, and a heck of a lot less stress! Later on, you can STILL celebrate with your family and friends by sharing the details of your elopement through photos (or even video!). It can be a small intimate dinner or lavish bash without the stress of worrying about that one hot mess cousin may ruin your wedding day. Instead it's just a party. Elopements are less stress, less pressure, less money, but more love!
Event Coordinator: Tara LeClaire Weddings
Florals: Pretty Petals of Charleston​​​​​​​
Models: Austin Goode and Hailey Elizabeth​​​​​​​
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